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Roxanne - Police* - Around The World (VHS)

On 08.02.2020 by Zuzilkree With 1 Comments - Classic Rock


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    Sar 09.02.2020
    Sep 02,  · If you're looking for older police concert material to see them before Synchronicity, wait for "Police Around the World" to come out on DVD. Own that and this and you've got old Police/new Police covered. This absolutely rocks, though. Yes, Sting's wearing his "rag" outfit from the "Synchronicity 2" video.
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    Shakree 09.02.2020
    Sep 26,  · Police Roxanne [Intro] Gm - F6-EbM7-Dm7-Cm7-Fsus-Gsus hold Ha ha ha ha [Verse 1] Gm F6 Roxanne EbM7 You don't have to put on Dm7 red light Cm7 Fsus Those days are over Gsus hold You don't have to sell your body to the night Gm F6 Roxanne EbM7 You don't have to wear that Dm7 dress tonight Cm7 Fsus Walk the streets for money Gsus hold You .

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